Holistic Management of 56 Years Old Woman With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Through the Family Medicine Approach


  • Anisa Ramadhanti Universitas Lampung
  • Aila Karyus Universitas Lampung


diabetes melitus, family approach, patient centered


Diabetes mellitus (DM) remains as major health problem in the world and significantly increase every year. Family approach in the management of diabetes mellitus helps identify factors that influence clinical, personal and psychosocial family. This is a case report study. Primary data were collected by history taking (autoanamnesis and alloanamnesis of the family and patients), physical examination, examinations and home visits to assess the physical environment. Assessment is based on a holistic diagnosis from the start, process, and end of the study in a qualitative and quantitative manner. Patient complaints of tingling in both legs, weakness, frequent urination since one weeks ago, especially at night, besides that, they often feel thirsty and hungry easily. The patient's concern is that he has the same illness as his mother and younger siblings and the complaints will worsen which must be treated in a health facility. The patient's perception of the disease, the patient considers that this disease can be cured with drugs given by doctors without changing the patient's lifestyle Hope the patient can find out the disease and be treated so that complaints disappear so that patients can do activities as usual. Management of diabetes mellitus patients holistically and comprehensively, patient center, family approach with diabetes mellitus treatment according to EBM is needed in order to control blood sugar and change patient behavior to prevent acute and advanced complications.


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